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INFORMS 2012: Annual meeting of The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.
14-17 October 2012, Phoenix USA

Dr. Laughton was invited to give a paper in a session on "Issues and Advances in Real Options" at INFORMS 2012: the annual meeting of the institute for operations research and managment science in Phoenix on 16 October 2012.

Recent Developments in Valuation to Support Real Asset Decision-Making:
a CO2 Storage Example

Value is an important metric in many large public corporations shaping the process of designing and choosing real assets. Separating and adopting the two aspects of so-called “real options” valuation (derivative asset valuation and decision tree analysis) can produce a technically superior form of valuation that conforms with the organisational structures and work flows in these corporations. This increases the net benefit of adopting the proposed changes and makes it less costly to do so.

Making real asset decisions: The role of valuation
Workshop 23-25 March 2012, Edmonton

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