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Unique Insights into Real Asset Valuation

David Laughton is known for his unique insights into how corporations and government agencies can use the lessons of modern financial markets to make better judgements about the effects of real asset structure on asset risk, and asset risk on asset value.

This is based on a unique combination of aptitudes, attitudes, skills, and experiences. He is one of the few people at the centre of this field since close to its inception, who combines the highest level of intellectual rigour with an unwavering focus on what it takes to make the ideas involved useful in real large commercial organisations.

The intellectual rigour was initially instilled in him by his participation in the leading fundamental physics groups in the world at Princeton and elsewhere.

His focus on the reality of large organisation decision-making arose initially from his experiences as a manager charged with implementing the ideas of modern finance in a user organisation that was undergoing some fundamental changes at the time.

This experience set the agenda for the applied research he has done since, initially as a member of the leading finance, economics and decision science group in the world at MIT, playing a leading role in a development programme in real asset valuation methods, sponsored by a group of large commercial organisations.

Twenty five more years of years of consulting, teaching and research have honed this combination of intellectual rigour and organisational focus further, and provided the basis for his reputation for being able to help his clients improve their decision-making processes in ways that are unique to him and his colleagues.

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