David Laughton Consulting Ltd. Real Asset Risk Analytics
Industrial PictureDr. Laughton showed me the tools that he has developed to help a group of managers to discuss their models of oil price uncertainty in the oil reserves in a fronteir region, possible patterns of activities to reduce reserve uncertainity, and the timing for the development of the resources. - The Former CEO of a Large Canadian-based Multinational Corporation in the Petroleum Industry

A Partial List of Projects

We have given advice on a wide variety of evaluation issues. For example, we have helped clients:

  • to avoid undervaluing "legacy" (low-cost long-lived) assets, without the use of ad hoc adjustments;
  • to determine the different levels of risk to which each party is exposed under different complex fiscal arrangements, and the resulting effects on asset value;
  • to avoid overinvestment in production capacity;
  • to avoid underinvestment in cost reducing capital, and, in particular, to optimise the cost-quality tradeoff in procuring capital equipment;
  • to understand how price, geological and technical uncertainty interact in decisions about when and how to move from exploration and appraisal:
    • to the sanction of initial development of a field or mine; or,
    • on a broader scale, to begin building the infrastructure needed to open a up new resource area;
  • to avoid overvaluation of offers to outsource gathering and/or processing activities;
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