David Laughton Consulting Ltd. Real Asset Risk Analytics
Industrial PictureThe work that Dr. Laughton did for one of our evaluation teams gave us new insights into our investment opportunity. What I found interesting about the team's reaction was that they 'recognized' and accepted the results, despite the novelty of methods involved, because of the manner in which Dr. Laughton 'packaged' his findings. - Steve Letros, Shell Canada


David Laughton Consulting can:
  • help you frame and execute an asset valuation
  • assist you in establishing your own internal capacity for using new methods of valuation
  • advise you on how to explore different options for improving your valuation processes.

We use our own proprietary software, which can be made available to you, if you wish.

Clients have included major corporations and relevant government agencies — primarily in the mining and upstream petroleum industries — in Canada, Europe and the USA

A list of some issues addressed in current and past engagements is available - here.

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