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Industrial PictureAn initial two-day course very successfully laid the foundation for the productive consulting relationship that Dr. Laughton has had with us.  He has become our expert of choice on asset valuation, adding value to our endeavours in a variety of ways. - Bill Bailey


Public Workshops

As opportunities arise, Dr. Laughton occasionally gives public workshops on
Making better asset decisions and avoiding common errors: The role of valuation .

These workshops are designed for anyone responsible for contributing to asset valuations for use in corporate and government decision-making in the mining and upstream petroleum industries, including:

  • asset managers
  • people in planning, business development, and economic risk management groups
  • economic analysts on asset teams
  • lenders and project finance specialists
  • equity analysts, portfolio managers and people in M&A groups
  • government officials responsible for fiscal system design and management or overall extractive industry policy.

If you are interested in information on these, please contact us and give us your preferred locations and months of the year.

Dr. Laughton has run workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Houston, London, Aberdeen, Stavanger and Adelaide. These and other locations are also possible.

More detailed information about the 2-day version of the workshop is available in .pdf - here.

Partial statements of some of the cases used in this worskhop are available for download in .zip - here.

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